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I would like to know whether in 2017 there will be updates and support for new versions of Visual studio. Thank you

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No working tutorials

Hello, I am using Visual studio 2013 Update 5 and the latest templates from Nuget 1.9.0. I have tried to make a default implementation to work, using the AdventureWorks2012 Database. I had pro...

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Entities being inserted into database in wrong order

We recently updated to the 1.9 release and are noticing some different behavior. When inserting two or more entities of an EntitySet, the 2nd entity in the list gets inserted into the database fir...

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VS 2015 integration

G'day I'm sure you're working on it but I thought I'd put in a vote for a VS 2015 version thanks Andrew

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Issues with disconnected data context

Hi, I design web application using N-Tier Entity Framework. To save resources I have to use disconnected data contexts on client side: each time I need to read/write data I create new data conte...

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Hi, Considering MVC client sample when user clicks on column header in an Index view then controller composes a query like #region Sort if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(sort)) { ...

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Issue with generation of complex types

I have been trying to get our first project using N-Tier Entity Framework up and running, but I've hit an unusual hurdle with the creation of a new stored procedure. I've updated the model to incl...

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Telerik RadGrid Sorting Exception

Hi, I have problem with sorting. I have radgrid with this sort descriptor: <telerik:RadGridView.SortDescriptors> <telerik:SortDescriptor Member="User.Name" SortDirect...

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Delete entity on server side

Hi, I created new method on server DataService. I create object repository, query items, mark the items as deleted and call savechanges. And the item is not deleted. Example: using (var con...

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LINQ shortcomings

Apparently LINQ implementation in version 1.4.2 falls short in some cases. Is there any plan to add those missing features eventually? Thanks Lack of SelectMany This appears to be a real show-sto...

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